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I have utilized massage for many years, most often two to three times a month. During that time, I have learned what abilities and gifts tend to make a great massage therapist. Jeremy provided a wonderful experience, and I would count him among the top practitioners with whom I have had the pleasure of working. He is able to respond to the body without verbal cues, and often shares his knowledge in the form of advice and explanation. Jeremy thoroughly addressed trouble areas without direction from me. I was relaxed and comfortable, and was treated by a true professional. 

Thanks, Jeremy! I look forward to another massage soon.

Celeste K., Early Childhood Educator

         I am an IT specialist and homemaker with fibromyalgia. Jeremy has given me therapeutic massages on several occasions. Fibro causes pain deep within the muscle tissue due to overactive nerve impulses and deteriorating nerve endings. Because of these considerations, massage can be a very tricky and extremely delicate balance. Jeremy has been able to give me effective deep tissue massage that has greatly alleviated my pain. Another effect of fibromyalgia is that the muscles around your spine can become inflamed, allowing the vertebrae to slip out of alignment. He has been able to relieve the irritation in those muscles, allowing my vertebrae to slip gently back into their proper place, and thus eliminating pain within my muscles and joint areas.   Jeremy has always listened to me regarding where my pain is located and how much pressure I can withstand. Too much pressure/massage in my fibro “trigger points” can cause damage or more severe pain. I have never had that happen with Jeremy.   I used to go for massage therapy with other therapists and come back in more pain than I went in with. Jeremy truly cares about his client’s body, pain, and treatment. He treats you as if you were his only client! I love that about him. 
Wendy H., IT Specialist     

     My experience with Jeremy was very pleasant. He made me feel comfortable and at ease, especially since it had been close to ten years since my last massage. I received an hour-long, deep tissue massage. Jeremy asked me some questions about the type of work I did, and any physical stress I may have been having. I did not need to tell Jeremy where to massage; he used his hands as his guide. I felt instant relief from my high point areas of stress. Jeremy was professional, friendly, and very informative. 

   Terene S., Childcare Provider/Housekeeper  

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